Min SDK : 14

Price : Free

Language : Java


Link : Github

Owner : yonatankahana

Source Code : Download

XIntro - Java Android Library

XIntro is a Java Android Library for android developers. The library use to build introduction activity for android application. Maven Central Status jCenter Status Android Arsenal GitHub Status Project status Project version example image ##Notes
  1. This project is still in DEVELOPMENT
  2. The wiki is still in progress...
##Example application In the example application (in Google Play!) you can test the options that XIntro give you. Download example application


compile 'com.github.yonatankahana:xintro:1.1'

Maven (for the oldfags)

  • Fully customizable: alot of parameters to customize a beautiful introduction.
  • Using Glide as default image loader: (has option to change to PicassoImageLoader and SimpleImageLoader) or creating custom image loader.
  • Create introduction programmatically with XintroActivityBuilder.
  • Create introduction by extending XintroActivity and override initialize() method.
  • Set your page transformer for the ViewPager.
  • Full RTL support
  • More fragment impl's for selection
  • Supoort lower SDK levels
  ##Report issue If you found any bug or any idea how to make this project better, please Create an Issue and let me know. ##Getting started Checkout the wiki for examples and getting started guide. ##Compatibility XIntro can be used from Android API 14. ##Example example gif ##Licenses GNU GPL 3.0 Glide Picasso Tags: XIntro AppIntro android introduction library lib libs tools xintroduction easy builder