Min SDK : 15

Price : Free

Language : Java


Link : Github

Source Code : Download


Bintray Maven Central Android Arsenal Spectrum is an Android library that makes it easy to let your user pick from a list of colors.


Download with Gradle:
compile 'com.thebluealliance:spectrum:0.7.1'
The library is hosted on both Bintray (JCenter) and Maven Central; use whichever you prefer.
repositories {


  • SpectrumDialog with Builder pattern
  • SpectrumPreference for easily adding color selection to your app's preferences
    • Can be added either in XML or programatically
  • SpectrumPreferenceCompat for use with the preference support library
  • SpectrumPalette for integrating a color selection view into any part of your app

Deploying to Bintray

First, make sure the project's information is configured correctly in the ext block in spectrum/build.gradle. Next, put your Bintray information in your local.properties file; you will need to define bintray.user, bintray.apikey, and bintray.gpg.password. To deploy the artifacts, run the following commands. The first is a dry run to make sure the artifacts can be built correctly. The second actually deploys to Bintray.
./gradlew install
./gradlew bintray
For a more thorough introduction on how to distribute libraries through jCenter and Maven Central, please see http://inthecheesefactory.com/blog/how-to-upload-library-to-jcenter-maven-central-as-dependency/en.