Min SDK : 15

Price : Free

Language : Java


Link : Github

Owner : Crysis21

Source Code : Download

Pager Tabs Indicator


PagerTabIndicator is a customisable android library that is designed to work with the ViewPager component.


  • Support dynamic adapter switch of the ViewPager
  • Customizable tab indicator (bottom/top/background)
  • Built in support for text/image/text+image tabs
  • Support for custom views in tabs

For a test drive you can try the PlayStore demo app

Give it a test drive with our sample app:


Screenshot 1Screenshot 2


Add the following line in your build.gradle file

compile 'com.hold1:pagertabindicator:1.0.2'

Inside your layout insert a PagerTabIndicator element

app:tab_lock_expanded="true" />

In your java code you should create a PagerAdapter for your ViewPager. After initialization, make sure you attach the ViewPager to PagerTabsIndicator component.

        viewPager = findViewById(R.id.view_pager);
tabsIndicator = findViewById(R.id.tabs_indicator);
viewTextAdapter = new TextAdapter(getSupportFragmentManager());

Supported Params

  • tab_padding - set the left/right padding of a tab
  • tab_text_color - set text color for default PagerAdapter implementation
  • tab_text_size - set text size
  • tab_show_divider - display tabs divider
  • tab_lock_expanded - make tabs expand to their container size in equal sizes
  • tab_indicator - specify tab indicator type: top_bar,bottom_bar,background
  • tab_indicator_resource - use this param to specify a drawable resource that shold be used to draw the indicator if you want something more complext than a simple color. You can also specify an image as indicator.
  • tab_indicator_scale_type - this param works in conjuction with tab_indicator_resource, and you can use it to specify if the indicator drawable should expand on the all available space, of it it should center inside indicator area to maintain a correct aspect. Possible values: fitXY, centerInside
  • tab_indicator_height - define indicator height
  • tab_indicator_bg_height - define indicator bar height
  • tab_indicator_margin - indicator margin. with this param you can make the indicator float above indicator bar
  • tab_indicator_color - indicator color. mutual exclusive with tab_indicator_resource
  • tab_indicator_bg_color - indicator bar color
  • tab_divider_width - divider width
  • tab_divider_margin - divider vertical margin
  • tab_divider_color
  • tab_divider_resource - used to specify a drawable resource that should be used to be drawn as a divider
  • tab_show_bar_indicator - param to show/hide the indicator bar. default set tot true
  • tab_elevation - set tabElevation to the tab bar. In case of bottom bar placement, you should use a higher value to make the shadow more visible.
  • tab_disable_animation - disable indicator animation while switching tabs