Min SDK : 21

Price : Free

Language : Java


Link : Github

Owner : gkravas

Source Code : Download



MeterView is a simple android meter component. It can handle exceeding values also by redrawing the whole scale. Preview

Supported Attributes

Attribute Format Default Description
meter_min_value float 0 Scales meter min value
meter_max_value float 20 Scales meter min value
meter_logo drawable null Scales meter min value
meter_faceColor color FFFFFF Meter's background color
meter_scaleColor color 616161 Meter's scale color
meter_rimColor color BDBDBD Meter's rim color
meter_valueColor color 000000 Meter's value color, found at the bottom


####Gradle: Artifact can be found via jCenter
compile 'com.gkravas.meterview:meterview:[email protected]'