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Price : Free
Language : Java



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Rock Button

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Base on android-process-button this is the advanced version of the android-process-button Circle CI

##Main Features

  • ActionProcessButton
  • ArrowButton
  • GenerateProcessButton
  • SubmitProcessButton
  • AnimationProcessButton

Android Buttons With Built-in Progress Meters.

Read more with the development guide in Wiki

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  • Support XML attributes


There are several attributes you can set:

attr description button module base
pb_textProgress the text content when the process is proceeding ProcessButton
pb_textComplete the complete text ProcessButton
pb_textError error message on the button ProcessButton
pb_colorProgress the color resource reference on process ProcessButton
pb_colorComplete the color resource reference on process completed ProcessButton
pb_colorError the color resource reference when its error ProcessButton
pb_colorPressed as read FlatButton
pb_colorNormal as read FlatButton
pb_colorDisabled as read FlatButton
pb_colorBorder as read FlatButton
pb_borderWidth as read FlatButton
pb_cornerRadius as read FlatButton
pb_presentation as read there are two options: pad_button, flat_button FlatButton
pb_colorArrow color reference to tint the arrow ArrowButton
pb_arrowRes the drawable reference for the button ArrowButton
pb_verticalPadding dimension reference padding between top and bottom on the icon on right side ArrowButton
pb_topLineThickness dimension reference for the line thickness on the top ArrowButton
pb_bottomLineThickness dimension reference for the line thickness on the bottom ArrowButton

Code Sample

        add_bag = (ActionProcessButton) findViewById(;
// set the progress mode on endless
// add success state color scheme as a button and not a sign
add_bag.setOnCompleteColorButton(R.color.green_800, R.color.green_900);
// add listener for click on the button for success state
add_bag.setOnClickCompleteState(new View.OnClickListener() {
public void onClick(View v) {
Intent h = new Intent(context, CartWebViewStyleTopBar.class);


The lib is available on maven jitpack, so you will need to add a class path for custom repos

repositories {maven { url "" }}
dependencies {compile 'com.hkm:hkmprocessbuttons:1.2.4'}

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